Friday, September 21, 2012

Cooking With Madelynn

I am always super excited when I find a great recipe that is easy enough to have one of the kids help me make it. I like to get them involved with cooking when I can because I think it helps them realize what goes into making the meal and hopefully makes them more interested in trying new things. Homemade Chicken and Dumplings is definitely a winner in the kid department and we have had it quite a lot. Madelynn has helped me every time except the first. We followed the recipe on Tasty Kitchen Blog.

 Here she is cutting the dumplings into squares! Or.... rectangles. :)

 Placing them all on a plate and flouring them.

Stirring! So proud of herself for cooking dinner.

Both of the kids are taking a cooking class in co-op right now and are excited to try new recipes that they have learned at home. I am thinking of starting a little cookbook for Madelynn of the stuff she enjoys cooking AND eating.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Been awhile...

I realize it has been a long time since I have posted anything. We have been keeping busy here! Our co-op has started up again and I am teaching hand sewing this year! Fun! So, it has inspired me to get back to it with Madelynn. Last weekend, we made the cutest little cupcake purses. I found them on Pinterest (Paper-and-String) awhile back and thought for sure Madelynn would be able to do it. Oh my goodness, I was so impressed with my little girl! It was such a nice time! We sat at the kitchen table and worked on these little things from start to finish! Madelynn did the purple one.

Didn't she do a wonderful job? She is so proud of herself and it prompted more sewing from Mommy. She just got her library card since she is in kindergarten now, so she put it in her new wallet and then put that in her purse. Then, she just had to have a key, so daddy found her an old key with a keychain. THEN, she just had to have a cellphone, so I turned over my old phone. Then, I sewed her a little sling to carry Lucy in. She was so excited, flipping open her phone and chatting away and declaring she felt like a mom. I love it. We are trying to decide what our next sewing project should be. I'm thinking some kind of key chain for her grown up key. I also felt up to trying to make a quilt. I have wanted to for a long time but it just seems so scary! So, I decided Lucy needed a quilt. A doll quilt can't be too hard, right? I absolutely love NanaCompany's blog and she has the cutest little doll quilts. I love her style so much and wish I could completely copy it. Haha! But, I wanted to use what I had already, so this is what I have come up with so far... my first ever quilt top! :)

I'm pretty excited. I had thought originally that I would get some jumbo rickrack and try to figure out how to stitch that in around the edge like she did with the lace in hers, but I just don't think I am anywhere near being able to make that look presentable. I am also going to do a little more embroidery up by Lucy's name. I just haven't figured that out yet.
This is a picture of Madelynn and Lucy.
And, a couple other pictures with my boys just for fun because I often neglect them on here. :)

 Here is Tim testing out his new Frost River pack. :)
 I really tried to get all three of them in the picture with their Stormy Kromers on, but the little guy just wasn't going for it. Haha! We were pretty excited that Madelynn's old Kromer fits Logan now.