Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sewing with the Bitty

I got this book for the Itty Bitty awhile back at a library book sale and have been anxious to teach her to sew.

Of course, she was only two at the time. Now she is four. Still probably too early to use the book as intended, but I decided what they heck, we are going to tackle it! She is very excited, her sewing box is stocked and ready to go! She started off tracing her sewing card, working very hard. I tried really hard to keep my hands off and let it reflect her 4 year old abilities, but helped a little so that it would be functional to stitch on when it was finished.

So, here she is, displaying her running stitch! She does it most excellently too! Her first project is to start a bookmark which will display all the stitches that she learns. We have it cut out and ready to go, she can't wait! :)

A couple books I have my eye on for her are Made by Me and Sewing School.