Monday, August 22, 2011

A New Year of School!

We started school today! I must say, I was rather excited about this year. I set out all the school stuff last night so they would be excited to see their school 'room' this morning when they woke up to eat their back to school breakfast! :)

We tried something new this year. We don't have a lot of room to put workboxes or anything like that. This is what I did....

I put colorful envelopes on the back of our new cabinet doors on the peninsula (that my awesome hubby built :) ) and put an assignment or an activity in each envelope. This worked great! It has forced me to be more prepared and has enabled the kids to work more independently! They also enjoy finding out what their next 'assignment' is going to be and the visual reminder of what they have left has helped them to stay on task. :) I think this is going to be a winner and a great year. So excited!

Carson working on his copywork and Madelynn working on her cross stitch! :)

AND since I have the cutest little guy ever, I HAD to post a picture. :) He'll be six months old in two days.

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